Dan-Éire Designs’ Native Tree Planting Project

Now more than ever, leading-edge interior design trends are bringing sustainability concerns to the fore.

Whether it’s bringing the outside in, upcycling pre-loved furniture, or finding clever solutions for light and heat, working in synergy with the environment is now a key priority for interior designers and their clients.

We know innovation in environmental sustainability is just as important to you as it is to us, so we are blazing yet another trail as the first interior design firm in Ireland to launch a native tree planting project!

Dan-Éire Designs’ Native Tree Planting Project commits to planting one native Irish tree in our client’s name to offset the carbon footprint of each interior design or project management assignment.

We are delighted to run our project in association with the Burren Nature Sanctuary, a premier hub for learning and access to biodiversity and nature in the UNESCO designated Burren Geopark.

The Burren Nature Sanctuary is situated on a 50-acre organic farm just outside the quaint village of Kinvara, Co Galway, along the Wild Atlantic Way and features an awe-inspiring landscape formed over millions of years, through glaciation, erosion and human activity.

Featuring a range of interpretive nature trails, diverse flora, farm animals, archaeological sites and an abandoned village, the Burren Nature Sanctuary is also home to the Burren Botany Bubble which holds the National Botanical Collection of Burren flora, where seasonal Alpine, Mediterranean, Arctic and tropical plants grow alongside native Irish wildflowers.

The Burren Nature Sanctuary is the ideal setting for Dan-Éire Designs’ Native Tree Planting Project.

It is estimated that each tree will absorb approximately 20 kilograms of carbon dioxide each year, which equates to approximately 450 kilograms per lifetime. That means that 1000 trees would offset the lifetime carbon dioxide footprint of the average European!

Each client will receive a beautifully designed certificate in honour of the tree planted in their name and can visit their very own tree when they visit the Burren Nature Sanctuary in Galway!

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