Dan-Éire Designs collaboration with My3D.ie

my3D Design collaboration with Dan-Eire DesignsFrom July 2020 we will be partnering with My3D.ie – Architectural Graphics Galway to bring 3D Design to a whole new level!

Dwayne Higgins is the Design Director of My3D.ie, which is a small client-focused 3D Visualisations company in Galway. Dwayne worked in an Engineering & Architectural Technology Consultancy for 21 years and has a vast amount of experience in residential and commercial design. He developed My3D.ie as an industry response to bring accessible photo-real 3D rendering to the self-build market. My3D.ie also offers commercial visualisation services.  Dwayne’s wealth of knowledge and experience will be invaluable to Dan-Éire Designs.

This is a symbiotic relationship, as it will expand our Interior Design presence and deliver a high-quality 3D Design service directly to clients who are at a crucial decision-making stage in their new build or renovation.

This collaboration will bring Interior Design to life.

It will give Dan-Éire Designs the ability to showcase our vision and help our clients to Realise Their Dream in stunning HD, photo-real 3D.

The My3D.ie & Dan-Éire Designs package has been crafted to be a seamless process for the client. For further queries, please get in touch with Dan-Éire Designs here to create a custom package.

My3d.ie rendering my3d.ie living room rendering my3d.ie interior rendering my3d.ie-rendering-interior

Visit the 3D website here to see more of their work.


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