Here is a list of some native plants that are well-suited for biodiversity in the garden in Ireland:

Wildflowers: Wildflowers, such as foxgloves, primroses, and bluebells, can provide a source of nectar for bees and butterflies, as well as seeds for birds.

Shrubs: Shrubs, such as hawthorn, blackthorn, and guelder rose, can provide shelter and food for a variety of wildlife, including birds and small mammals.

Trees: Trees, such as oak, ash, and beech, can provide a habitat for birds, insects, and small mammals, as well as seeds and nuts for food.

Grasses: Grasses, such as meadow grass and cocksfoot, can provide a habitat for insects, as well as seeds for birds.

To increase the number of birds and small mammals in your garden, here are a few tips:

Provide food: Offer a variety of food sources for birds, such as seeds, nuts, and suet. You can do this using bird feeders or by planting native plants that produce seeds or berries.

Provide water: Birds and small mammals need a source of clean water for drinking and bathing. Consider installing a birdbath or small pond to attract wildlife.

Provide shelter: Birds and small mammals need a place to hide from predators and to nest. Provide nesting boxes or other structures, such as brush piles or rock piles, to give them a place to hide.

Create a varied habitat: Different species have different habitat needs, so try to create a range of microhabitats within your garden. This could include areas of full sun, partial shade, and deep shade; areas of high and low moisture; and areas of different heights and cover.

By providing food, water, shelter, and a varied habitat, you can help to create a more welcoming environment for birds and small mammals in your garden. This can not only enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor space, but also support the overall health and diversity of the local ecosystem.